Fees for lessons and music groups

Free or low cost lessons

Learning a musical instrument can be costly but there are ways to get help.

Contact your school to find out about free whole-class instrumental teaching.

Ask your school if ‘Pathways’ lessons are available. These are low cost lessons taught in larger groups. Fees normally range from £2 to £4 per lesson. Some schools provide these lessons free of charge to families.

Financial assistance is also available for lessons delivered by Music Hub Music Leaders and Accredited Teachers, please speak to your teacher for further information.

Fees for individual lessons Autumn 2021

20 minute fortnightly lesson - £81.84 (Previously called 20 minute shared lesson),
20 minute weekly lesson - £163.68 (Previously called 20 minute individual lesson),
30 minute weekly lesson - £245.52 (Previously called 30 minute individual lesson),
40 minute weekly lesson - £327.36 (Previously called 40 minute individual lesson)

Lesson fees for independent teachers vary but normally start at £15 per half hour. Contact your school - some schools vary lesson costs

Fees for hiring instruments are £20 per term or £50 per year for children learning with a Music Hub Music Leader or Accredited Teacher. The cost of consumables such as reeds and strings is to be met by the hirer. Contact music shops to find out about their hire charges

Music Hub ensembles and music group fees 2021/22

Our ensembles and music groups fees are:

Price Band A - attend any group in this price band (as many as you wish) for £30 a term or £80 per year

Price Band B - attend any group in price band A and B (as many as you wish) for £55 a term or £155 per year

Price Band C - attend any group in price band A, B and C (as many as you wish) for £70 a term or £200 per year

Price Band A Groups

Price Band B Groups

Price Band C Groups

An Audition is required for groups in bold

For costs related to partner organisations please see their websites.