Festival Choir - Mixed Choir

Partnered with University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield
ChoirsSheffield University Diamond Building

Location - Virtual Weekly Zoom Meeting for the Autumn Term 2020
Day - Tuesdays
Time - 5.00pm-6.00pm 
Price - Category A  
Age - Year 3 - Year 6 (if you are in Y7 or above you can join Senior Choir)

Conducted by Laura Steelyard

To sign up for either the Zoom rehearsals or the YouTube catchup sessions please Click Here

Performance 1 TRUE COLOURS

Festival Choir goes virtual:  It is a really exciting opportunity to continue singing and producing music even though we can't meet in person. Music is there for us no matter what the situation. It is there to cheer us up, make us want to dance and sing or to distract us from everything around us; now more than ever music has the power to help you soldier on and Festival Choir is the place to do it! 

We are coming into our 4th year for the choir and we are excited we are moving to a weekly rehearsal schedule in September. Each week we will come together, warm up, learn some quick and easy interactive songs and work on our performance pieces. In our first rehearsal in September we are going to debut our Virtual Performance of True Colours - an exciting recording project we have undertaken this Summer Term! We are also hoping to have some exciting workshops with some brilliant choir leaders throughout the Autumn Term. 

Our choir is 100% inclusive and we work hard to make sure we meet all of the needs of the children who join us. If you have any specific needs please do let us know and we will discuss with you how best to help. If you would like to talk to Laura about how the choir works, the virtual rehearsal's plans for the future, or anything else, please contact her on 07880 064576.