Alley Cats Clarinet Group (Advanced)

Partnered with Sheffield Children's University
Sheffield Children's University
Specialist Music GroupsAll Saints Catholic High School

Rehearsal change of venue - Thursday 6 Decmeber will take place at Mercia School (this week only).

Advanced – this group is for young clarinetists (usually in Y9 – Y13) who are around grade 5 + level.

Entry is via audition.

Options are available to try instruments in the family such as bass clarinet.

All Saints Catholic High School – Thursday evening, 6.15pm – 8.00pm.

*Members who are also in Senior Orchestra will leave the rehearsal at 7.15pm to join the Senior Orchersta*

Director: Kate Hartley

Clarinets only

Price category - 4

Last rehearsal is Thursday 14 February and we start back on Thursday 28 February 2019.

Contact us for details on how to audition to join this group.

Sheffield Music Hub Safeguarding Front Sheet.

All Saints Catholic High School
Granville Road
S2 2RJ