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In order to give greater musical opportunities to our students, we will no longer be charging for individual group attendance, but moving to a subscription fee.  This means that your child can attend multiple groups for one payment. Please visit our ensembles fees page to view all the groups your child could attend.

Playing with other young musicians is key to strong musical progress and really helps to enhance the joy of learning to play a musical instrument. Sheffield is alive with Music groups for Children and Young people of all levels.

There are so many to choose from: Rock and Pop groups, Orchestras, Wind bands, Jazz groups, Samba bands, groups for single instruments (flutes, clarinets, guitars).

Find out all you need to know about the Music Groups in the City here.

Details of any extra rehearsals for our music groups and choirs will also be detailed on this page.

Apply online for one of our music groups.

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Partnered with Soundpost Community Network
Soundpost Community Network
Folk BandDungworth Village HallMore Info
Come and join our Folk Big Band (ages 11-18). Any instrument. Any standard. Limited spaces availa...
Partnered with City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra
City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra
OrchestraDifferent locations for each course
CSYO has around a hundred players whose ages range from 13 to 21 years.Membership is subject to...
Partnered with Sheffield Music Academy
Sheffield Music Academy
OrchestraBirkdale SchoolMore Info
Sheffield Music Academy are a music education charity supported by the Department of Educati...
Marching BandCroft House Settlement
Concord AllStars is a marching musical ensemble for young people aged between 8 and 12 years. Its...
Brass BandVarious locations across the cityMore Info
The Sheffield Brass Band Network provides news and information about the 10 brass bands in Sheffi...
OrchestraVariousMore Info
NCO was founded in 1978 to provide younger musicians with the opportunity to develop their talent...
OrchestraVariousMore Info
National Orchestras for All has been set up in the belief that no young person aged 11-18 years s...
Wind Band (Brass and Woodwind)VariousMore Info
Beginner – this wind band is for children (usually Y3 – Y7) who have just started lea...
OrchestraVariousMore Info
Beginner – this orchestra is for children (usually Y3 – Y7) who have just started lea...