Sheffield Music Hub places the Safeguarding and Wellbeing of children and young people as a top priority and it is our statutory duty to ‘safeguard and promote the welfare of children’. 

The Music Leader/Tutor Team and the Management/Admin Team are employees of Sheffield City Council and as such are recruited under the Safer Recruitment Policy and have an Enhanced DBS.

Please see the Single Central Letter of Assurance which you can download for your records.

The Music Leader/Tutor Team and the Management/Admin Team will be wearing Photographic identification which includes their individual Enhanced DBS number for you to check and record.

All employees follow the SG Training pathways laid out by Sheffield City Council. The Music Leader/Tutor Team and the Management/Admin Team receive regular safeguarding updates every six weeks, or as necessary. 

Accredited Teachers are self-employed freelance musicians who are accredited by Sheffield Music Hub, enabling them to access bursaries, instrument hire with teaching and learning quality assured by the Music Hub. All Accredited Teachers follow the SG Training pathways laid out by Sheffield City Council. 

All Accredited Teachers will be wearing photographic identification which includes their individual Enhanced DBS number for you to check and record.

Volunteers who support Sheffield Music Hub rehearsals and events have an Enhanced DBS and photographic identification, and can be identified by Hub Volunteer T-shirts badges. 

Partner Organisations are responsible for their own Safeguarding Policy and procedures. For further information please read the SG guidance for partners taken from our Safeguarding Policy. 

Sheffield Music Hub has an active Safeguarding Team. If you have any concerns about the Health and Safety of a child at the Music Hub, or feel that something maybe troubling them please feel free to share this information with an appropriate member of staff straight away. Do not worry that you maybe reporting something seemingly insignificant, small pieces of information can sometimes form a more full picture. 

However, if you think the matter is very serious and maybe related to a child protection concern, where a child is at risk of harm e.g. physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect, you must talk to one of the following people, in complete confidence,  where immediate action will be take place. Alternatively, we encourage you to call the police. 

The people you should talk to at this setting are:

Music Hub Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Gillian Hume (Music Hub Manager) 07815 003622

Music Hub Designated Safeguarding Deputies (DSD)

Ian Naylor (Head of Music Education), 07989 258886

Heather Burge (Inclusion Lead & Trauma Informed Practitioner), 07815 003 612

For additional information please visit the Safeguarding Sheffield Children website.

Sheffield Music Hub Safeguarding Policy.

Sheffield Music Hub Safeguarding Front Sheet.