Music Lessons in Schools

Please apply online if you are interested in music lessons and we will contact you when we are able to provide a start date (unless your school is listed below). When you click the link you will be taken to our Eepos website and then you should click 'Apply as New Student'.

Please speak to your school to find out what teachers are available and feel free to contact the teacher directly (using the links below) if you require help in regards to starting ages, instrument sizes etc.

Prices for lesssons

Learning to play an instrument and learning to sing develops confidence, concentration, teamwork and deepens a child's enjoyment of music for life.

Most music lessons take place in schools during the school day. Your school may offer lessons with a teacher from Sheffield Music Hub:

Music Leader

Accredited Teacher

Or they may employ their own private teacher.

If your school is listed below then please do not apply online but contact the school direct. 

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

What Happens When I Sign My Child Up For Music Lessons?

Once your child has signed up to lessons you will be emailed an invoice (if there is a space available). Once payment is made your Music Leader will contact you with information on when lessons will comence.

You do not need an instrument for your first lesson, however if you already have one at home please bring this. At the first lesson your child will be provided with an instrument hire form which you then bring to the Music Hub office to enable you to hire an instrument (excludes drums, guitars and keyboard/piano). When hiring your instrument you can also purchase a starter pack which includes a music book, music book bag, instrument specific consumable and a Learning Log.