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As children progress through school, we often see a drop in the number of boys choosing to sing, and many secondary school choirs are made up almost entirely of girls. But the truth is that Boys DO sing! They just need the music they sing to be appropriate to their changing voices, and their changing expectations as they mature. 

That’s why Sheffield Music Hub is delighted, in partnership with The University of Sheffield, to offer a cambiata choir, called Changing Voices to help boys navigate the sometimes difficult “middle years”, and to discover the power in their voices.  

At Changing Voices workshops, boys from Y6 to Y11 meet new friends from across Sheffield, discover the joy of singing and playing together, and learn about the unique possibilities they have as young male singers. 

In its first year, Changing Voices performed in Millennium Galleries, Sheffield University’s Octagon Building, and Hubfest.

In 2018-2019 we will be working to develop the musical, vocal and creative skills, growing our numbers, and ensuring we have a deep impact on the lives of the boys who sing with us.  Changing Voices is directed by Peter Taylor and Jonathan Cornish.  

All rehearsals in 2018-2019 will take place at The University of Sheffield Diamond Building  in Workroom 2 from 1.30pm to 4:00pm

Price per term £30.


Summer Term

19/05/2019, 09/06/2019, 16/06/2019, 30/06/2019

Please note for safeguarding purposes, to ensure Peter has all medical information and contact details, if new members apply after the 2nd rehearsal of the term, their first rehearsal will be the beginning of the following term. For more information please call Peter on 07815 003600.

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