A Hub Singing Specialist for your school

Singing is a unique form of self-expression accessible to all. It promotes self-esteem and emotional well-being, and is a fundamental means of communication. Singing together builds a sense of community, and it is evident in most cultures, celebrations and key moments of life. It is an important part of early learning and development, and is the natural starting point for music-making.

We believe that by providing a comprehensive singing programme in your school we can support your staff in delivering a valuable musical experience for your students. 

Singing Package - September 2021- July 2022 

The Hub will provide a dedicated singing specialist for your school for 30 weeks across the year. We will work with your students and staff to embed a culture of music and singing in your school, support you in delivering a comprehensive music curriculum, and learn lots of fun and engaging songs! 

Your package will include: 

  • An expert Vocal Music Leader in your school for either half a day per week/3 classes (standard package) or a full day per week/6 classes (enhanced packages). 
  • 30 weeks of sessions across the year. 
  • A CPD every term for teachers and support staff to embed a singing culture within your school. 
  • Your Vocal Music Leader will work with your Music Coordinator/SLT/Class Teachers to satisfy the curriculum for music using the Singing Package and a combination of other musical activities in school. This will be through a series of meetings and drop in sessions to be arranged within your school.  
  • A scheme of work, repertoire, and resources available to all staff in your school throughout the project so class teachers can effectively support the delivery of the package. 

Delivery content 

          Autumn Term 1 - Pulse and Rhythm 

          Autumn Term 2 - Seasonal Repertoire 

          Spring Term 1 - Pitch and Harmony 

          Spring Term 2 - Seasonal Repertoire 

          Summer Term 1 - Singing/Performance Technique

          Summer Term 2 - Seasonal Repertoire 

For more information on the scheme of work please contact the Singing Team directly. 

          Standard Package (½ day/3 classes) - £1965 

          Enhanced Package (full day/6 classes) - £3930 

Choir Bolt On 

We believe that a choir provides a meaningful progression route in music for children in your schools. If you purchase a Singing Package (detailed above) you can make the addition of a Choir Bolt On to support and enhance their learning. 

Schools will receive 30 rehearsals led by your Vocal Music Leader, plus up to two performances to be arranged with your Music Leader. The Music Leader will work alongside a member of school staff who will assist with the overall running of the choir. 

          Standard or Enhanced packages. £1125. 

Bespoke Singing Package for Special Schools 

A Vocal Music Leader will work with your Music Coordinator/SLT/Class Teachers to devise a Singing Package to suit the needs of your students. We will deliver 30 engaging singing sessions throughout the academic year, culminating in a performance or sharing to be arranged between school staff and your designated Music Leader. All elements, including length of session, class size, and content, will be discussed before the project commences.   £1050 

Digital Singing Package - Spring Term 2022

This is an opportunity to begin children’s musical journey through a series of 10 videos focussed on musicianship and performance skills. 

You will receive: 

  • A CPD session with a Vocal Music Leader
  • 10 x 30 minute videos dedicated to musicianship learning for your choice of either KS1 or KS2 
  • Support from the Singing Team throughout the project if/when required

This package will focus on curriculum areas such as Pulse and Rhythm, Pitch and Harmony and Singing Technique across 1 term.     KS1 - £250       KS2 - £250 

For more information on any of the projects please contact our Singing Team: