Primary School Singing Support Pack

Welcome to Sheffield Music Hub’s 2018/2019 Primary School Singing Support Pack.

Created in partnership with Out of the Ark Music, last year’s Singing Support Pack provided a songbook and free online resources to every primary school and special school in Sheffield. If you feel you missed out on this please contact to find out how you can access it.

The 2018 Singing Support Pack moves entirely digital, building on last year’s pack to help you develop your school’s singing strategy. 

Each school is given a FREE song to target a specific area of progression in their school. 

To access your FREE new song from Out of the Ark Music:

  • Download our Next Steps guide to help you identify how you want to work to develop your school’s singing strategy. You’ll find tips and ideas to help you focus on different areas of classroom singing, as well as suggestions of songs from our partners Out of the Ark Music that you can access for free to support this focus.
  • Fill in our Singing Support Pack 2018 Access Form. We’ll contact you with a link to help you find the right song for your school, and a discount code to let you access it for free. NB. There will be ONE new free song for each school.  This is in addition to the 6 free songs you were given in 2017, which should be available to all staff in your school. 

The Singing in Schools page of our website will tell you everything you need to know about how Sheffield Music Hub and our partners help schools and families access quality music education through singing.  Please bookmark this page and keep checking back for new and exciting content.