One Voice Festival

ONE VOICE FESTIVAL - in partnership with SSELP 



Amazingly, it has been nearly a year since we had a live singing event for children in Sheffield. Well, the wait is over! Sheffield Music Hub is launching the One Voice Festival which will include hundreds of KS2 children, from all over Sheffield, singing uplifting music showing we are standing together as one and supporting each other! 

The project includes:

  • Training sessions for staff and teachers
  • A series of videos aimed to assist the children’s learning 
  • A live streamed performance 
  • A recorded video after the event for parents to watch


Tuesday 13th July 2021, 1.30pm, Live Streamed from Sheffield Hallam Sports Park 

Children from SSELP schools will form the live portion of our performance while all other schools will take part virtually from school halls, classrooms or fields! The event will be live streamed into your school so you can join in virtually. 

The performance has been organised in this way to ensure safety for all of the participants, while providing numerous options, dependent on the restrictions that may be in place, to allow the event to happen! 

Your school will need: 

  • Internet access 
  • A large screen so children can see the performance and join in 
  • A device to record your schools performance - IPad/Iphone etc

You will then send your performance recording to us where we will collate a full, multi-screen recording of the city-wide event which will be made available to all parents and carers. 

The Project 

Wednesday 28th April 2021 - 3.30pm-5.30pm via Zoom
This session will focus on how your teachers will teach the songs! We will work on elements such as alignment, diction, expression and following a conductor. We will also talk about how to plan sessions for your classes to get the most out of your group. 

All members of staff who will be involved in the project must attend in order for the school to be included in the project - this may include TA’s or support staff. 

Wednesday 9th June 2021 - 3.30-4.15pm via Zoom
The 2nd session will be to check in on the progress of the schools, answer any questions you may have about the teaching and learning outcomes and also the final performance event. 

One member of staff from each school must attend this in order to attend the final performance.


You will receive 3 videos of approximately 30 minutes. These videos will be aimed at the children taking part and will be focussed on the areas highlighted in the CPD. These videos will be to work on their skills so they perform as well as they can, rather than to teach them the performance songs themselves. 

Each video will have a feedback survey at the end or a request to send us a video. This feedback is essential in order for us at the Hub to plan for the final performance. If we do not receive feedback from schools, groups may not be able to be involved in the final performance. 

Schools will also receive a ‘how to - guide to recording’ to create the right atmosphere, space, and environment for your performance so your group is represented in the best way possible in the recording. 

Class teachers role 

Using the training and the videos as a support, the class teachers will be asked to teach 5 songs and actions, to their group. They will be given all of the resources they need, including sheet music, backing tracks, performance tracks and more, to support their learning. We will give as much support as we can to ensure you feel confident in teaching the material!


The cost to school is inclusive of:

  • 2 x CPD
  • 1 x Virtual Performance 
  • 1 x Recording of the event 
  • As many classes as you wish to take part. You can choose to have 1 year group, or the whole school depending on what can be facilitated in your school. For advice on this, please contact 

£100 per school 
Please note at this point this cost does not apply to SSELP schools or schools who have already purchased a Singing Package for the Summer Term from Sheffield Music Hub. These schools have already paid the necessary fees.