Tim Brooks (Drums)

Tim has been teaching drum kit to children and adults alike both privately and in primary and secondary education since 2000. In recent years he has also become more involved in working with special educational needs and looked after children in youth projects across the city, assisting them with various performances and events such as the ‘Sheffield Star Awards’ ceremony and the annual ‘Bag-a-Book’ day event held at The Hillsborough football ground.


He is a completely self-taught musician, who as well as the drums, has a keen interest in all manner of musical instruments; ranging from conventional bass guitar and keyboards through to exotic string and percussion instruments such as the zither, Chinese erhu and the Persian santoor, also dabbling in tuned percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel etc.) and other less orthodox devices! The drum kit though, which he started to learn aged 10 remains his primary passion.


Tim has been involved with many different musical outfits over the years, playing very diverse styles – from straightforward rock and pop, African drumming groups, comedic vocal duos and dance music projects to avant-garde experimental and improvised jazz combos, serving his apprenticeship in covers bands playing the working men’s club circuit along the way!


Though he very much enjoys performing live, Tim particularly likes recording and composing music in his home studio, working with other like-minded musicians as well as on his own, using computers, samplers and digital multi-track recorders. He strongly believes music should first and foremost be purely enjoyable (even if no one’s listening!) and not something to be treated merely as a means of income. He feels there’s nothing better to bring people from all backgrounds together and has a universal language all its own.

Hints and Tips

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Tim Brooks (Drums)