Sam Beagles (Keyboard/Piano/Cello/Music Production)

Hello hello hello, I'm Sam Beagles. I am one of the piano/keyboard tutors at Sheffield Music Hub. I have a mixed background in music having played in a variety of genres from orchestral improvised music, Latvian folk rock, to contemporary classical music. I began studying 'cello with the Sheffield Music Service, attended Sheffield Music School and Sheffield Music Academy where I learned the basics of music and music theory. During this time I changed from playing 'cello to double bass and I picked up bass trombone, guitar and piano. I then went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) to study music composition where I honed my piano technique and studied with musicians from across the world and shared culture with them. After this I was a tutor at Bellshill Music Academy, Riverside Music College, and was an active member of the jazz / funk scene in Scotland. In my free time I enjoy computer programming and learning about Maths and any music genres that I'm not actively participating in. Part of my computer programming led to me being a core member of the Business Systems Development Unit at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) for a period of time. I'm now a current member of several groups in Sheffield playing classical, jazz, and pop/metal/rock. It's important to me that music has as low as possible a barrier to entry: We are all musical beings. 

Some things about me...

  • Favourite song/piece of music:
    I had to choose three: Alkan - Le festin d'Ésope (Aesop's Feast), Op. 39 No. 12. | Fat Suit - Nuscle in my Link (listen to the dual keyboard solo (Wow!)) | Abba - Lay All Your Love On Me
  • Favourite thing to do outside of work: I enjoy playing board games with friends. 
  • Favourite food: I always have time for a good burger. (always looking for recommendations of burger spots)
  • Favourite place in Sheffield: Top of Bolehills watching the sun go down. 
  • One thing about me that would surprise you to know: I once played trumpet on the streets of Glasgow all dressed in white whilst someone danced on expired sugar cubes as part of a demonstration art piece about the streets being named after slavers and how that should be changed.