Laura Steelyard (Voice)

Laura began as a musician at a young age, playing piano and singing. Outside of school and 6th form she had lessons, took grades and performed in shows and concerts.

At University she joined Leeds Youth Opera and Leeds G&S Society, playing roles such as Carmen in ‘Carmen’ and Mabel in ‘Pirates of Penzance’. Although her vocal background is primarily classical, she also sings Music Theatre, Jazz and popular music as well.

After taking a BMus degree in Music, Laura joined the Music Hub in 2014 and loves working with new children each term on exciting singing projects. Since being at the Music Hub Laura has developed her skills in many ways, forming relationships with schools and classes alike. She has piloted a Language Development Project for the Music Hub, increased singing participation across the city and is now part of the Management Development Scheme working towards new and innovative projects.

The Junior Voices is the latest project for the singing team which will be starting in Autumn 2016. Working towards large scale concerts, such as the Music Hub Christmas Concert and the Gala Concert, the group will be collaborating with exciting and talented choirs across Sheffield to produce high quality performances.

Seeing children progress in their musical lives is so important and Laura is looking forward to seeing much more of this in the near future!

Hints and Tips

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Director of:

Junior Voices

Laura Steelyard (Voice)