Felicity Atkinson (Keyboard/Piano)

Felicity discovered her love of music as a teenager when she began learning the piano. She became very dedicated and spent all of her spare time practicing and was soon accompanying the local church youth group.

She soon worked through all of her grades and then went on to achieve an ALCM performance diploma. As an adult, Felicity took up the violin and has since achieved grade 8 ABRSM.

Felicity’s teaching career began in 1990 when she developed a large private teaching practice in her local area. This led on to her teaching in some of the local schools and then eventually she joined the Music Hub in 2008.

As a hobby, Felicity has always enjoyed composing music for the piano and a hymn she composed was performed by a boys’ choir at her own wedding! Felicity is very passionate about being a Music Leader; a role that provides her with the tools to assist with her belief that all children have the opportunity to enjoy and flourish with music, as she believes it is such a vital part of a child’s education.

Hints and Tips

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Felicity Atkinson (Keyboard/Piano)