Lisa Hibbard - Assistant Project Ofiicer

Prior to working at the Music Hub, Lisa was employed by Sheffield Hallam University for 10 years within the Academic Registrar Department. Her roles included covering Student Enrolment & Progression, providing Management Information for HESA and HEFCE funding returns, she also completed a PT HND Business Information Technology course, and then had her two daughters.

It was after maternity leave with her youngest, that she felt like she needed a change and was lucky enough to start work with the Sheffield Music Service in 2004.

Lisa originally came in to set up a new student management system, when charging parents directly for lessons was introduced and is still here!  Lisa is one of the first points of call for customers either on the phone or at our stockroom counter, so you will probably hear her dulcet tones at some point!  Lisa’s main role is collecting payments for lessons, ensembles and courses and the majority of her communication to parents is requesting money (sorry!)

Lisa does not class herself as a musician, although she did have guitar lessons for 2 years, until her eldest daughter totally left her behind, and then she became chief coffee maker whilst her daughter continued to dazzle!

Positives of working at the Music Hub

  • Working with a fantastic team of people
  • The joy in a child’s face when they come to pick up their first instrument
  • The fantastic performances put on by your children

Over the years Lisa has been amazed by how talented our students are, and she dares anyone with a heart to watch a stage full of primary school children, singing Coldplays Fix You and not shed a sneaky tear!

Negatives of working at the Music Hub

There is only one - a child stopping lessons because they are leaving to go to University, especially when I remember enrolling that child for lessons at primary school making me feel old!

Lisa Hibbard - Assistant Project Ofiicer