Ian Naylor - Head of Music Education

My name is Ian and I’m Head of Music Education for Sheffield. I’m the youngest of 4 siblings and was born and raised in Rotherham. We lived in a musical household – my brother and both my sisters played musical instruments and my mum was a music teacher. My Dad worked in the steel industry his whole life but was regularly singing and tootling about on the piano.

I studied music at the University of Manchester before moving to Sheffield to complete a Masters degree in conducting. I then trained to be a teacher at Sheffield Hallam University. I play the cello and I conduct orchestras. I’ve been lucky enough to conduct orchestras in some really exciting places including the Royal Albert hall and Festival Hall in London and in some exotic European countries. I’m so lucky that music has given me these opportunities! I still love to conduct and take great pleasure in leading Sheffield Youth Strings.

I have a lovely family with two children of my own, they both play musical instruments.

Some things about me...

  • Favourite Song / Piece of Music: I love so much music it’s really hard for me to answer this question. At the moment I’m absolutely loving listening to an amazing live album called My 21st Century Symphony by Raye with the Heritage Orchestra. A stunning cross over performance that celebrates the skills of so many musicians.
  • Favourite thing to do outside of work: Holidays with my family (usually camping somewhere remote if possible and for as long as possible) – either taking holiday adventures or planning the next one.
  • Favourite Food: Fritto Misto – delicately fried assortment of fish, best served from a street food vendor somewhere in Italy!
  • Favourite Place in Sheffield: I could sit at the top of Meersbrook Park every day for hours – the views of the city are just awesome!
  • One thing about me that would surprise me: I used to work for a catering company working in posh hotels for big dinners. I once (in 1999) silver served dinner to The Queen!
Ian Naylor - Head of Music Education