Emma Housley - Business Support Manager

Emma began her musical journey by being handed a bass recorder (her Aunt’s) at Primary School. After attempting to stretch her fingers over the holes for many years, she watched the pianist at school and excitedly went home to tell her parents that she wanted piano lessons. After 3 years her teacher moved out of Sheffield and she decided that she didn’t want another teacher so gave up – such a shame! But Emma did decide to pick up the flute for a year, but unfortunately being in the School Orchestra “wasn’t cool” so she gave this up too!

Emma joined the Music Service in January 2008 after being within the Inclusion and Learning Service Finance Team for 3 years. The service has gone through so much change over the years. We have now transformed into a Hub and Emma is 100% behind this principle, after all no one organisation can do everything and we have rather fabulous partners to work with! Emma’s role is to advise on the setting and monitoring the service budget, completing returns for our funders; Arts Council England, managing the Business Support Team and instrument hire and Emma is part of the Management and Safeguarding Team and reports to the Music Hub Advisory Board.

In June 2012 Emma completed the Association of Accounting Technicians qualification with great support from the Management Team and other colleagues across Sheffield City Council.

Emma thoroughly enjoys her role with the Music Hub – “the talents of our young musician’s amaze me at every concert. It does unfortunately make me kick myself that I didn’t continue my flute or piano lessons at Secondary School. I shouldn’t have given into peer pressure but maybe found other friends with the same interests! I should have joined a music group outside school”   

Most mornings (before work) you will find Emma in the swimming pool or the gym. She says a nice boxing session releases the stresses of life!

Emma Housley - Business Support Manager