Conor Morton - Assistant Music Technician

Conor first became interested in learning a musical instrument after watching a school assembly performance by what was then, the Sheffield Music Service and immediately signed up to take drum lessons.

After progressing to secondary school, he also began taking guitar lessons, made a school band with the help and support of his music teacher and started to perform in school talent shows.

After grasping as many opportunities as possible, playing in several bands and graduating from Leeds College of Music he started to pursue a career in music education.

Being fascinated with technology and possessing a very broad interest in music’s many genres, Conor hopes to incorporate this into the Music Hub in order to help provide as many musical opportunities as possible for young people across the city.

Conor loves teaching guitar and is also enthusiastic about learning as many instruments as possible as well as being keen appreciator of electronic music.

Conor has worked for several music venues and festivals across Sheffield and Leeds and affirms that helping as part of the production staff for Tramlines Festival was one of his favourite working experiences.


Conor Morton - Assistant Music Technician