Musical Stars Programme

Musicals Stars are children for whom music is their moment to breathe, moment to feel passion for something, moment to be good at something. We at the Friends and Volunteers are working alongside the Hub to prevent any students from losing their love of playing a musical instrument or singing by supporting them to develop their skills.

A Musical Star gets:

  • a 30 minute weekly one to one lesson
  • instrument hire if needed
  • an ensemble place at a group suited to them
  • dedicated time outside of their lesson for the teacher to work with parents and carers to support them pastorally with their musical progression

This scheme is not about talent, it is about children whose main focus in their world is music, it is their life and soul, and without our help they may not reach their full potential, or may even stop playing altogether.

The scheme is run and supported by the Friends and Volunteers of Sheffield Music Hub. We are working hard to ensure as many children get support as we can and in the past year we have raised £10,000 which has supported 16 children in Sheffield!

Previous fundraising events include:

  • Sheffield 10k
  • The Vulcan Rotary Club Car Show
  • WW1 event
  • Concert fundraising at SMH events

You can help us support these children by donating to the Musical Stars Fund.

TO DONATE: Text MHUB17 and your donation amount to 70070 or visit our Musical Friends Just Giving Page.

The Story of Eliza

Eliza was going into Y6 and she attended a choir at run by Laura Steelyard, a vocal music leader at the Hub. Laura noticed her passion for performance and regularly saw Eliza working and practising hard. When the opportunity of having singing lessons arrived, Eliza immediately expressed an interest but always had an air of nervousness around her.

Laura spoke with her mum and it was discovered that there were some issues at home with changes in work circumstances it meant that some activities Eliza had been taking part in she was no longer able to. This was a bit of a blow to the family as they were so keen to support their children in whatever way they could. This is when Laura applied for Eliza to be a Musical Star.

Eliza had never sung alone in public, she was nervous and scared of going wrong. They set a target of performing by the end of the year and sure enough, Eliza stood up at 2 events and sang her heart out. The time spent as a Musical Star got Eliza through a challenging time both with her own self-confidence, and with family circumstance. Eliza is now having a shared lesson at Secondary School and is progressing with her singing as part of a duo while still attending Festival Choir at the Hub and performing regularly. It was just the leg-up she needed to keep going and we are so pleased to have helped Eliza continue with her musical journey.