Music at Home! Get involved and enjoy music at home or in school

During times of difficulty we often turn to music in its many varied forms to help us through. Whether it's music to listen to which cheers us up and lifts our mood, music that makes us cry, music that makes us want to dance and sing, or just as a distraction from everything around us; now more than ever music has the power to help you and your child to soldier are some suggested activities to help! 

New activities will be released every Wednesday at 4pm on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Please like and follow our pages so you keep up to date and keep taking part.

Each week you will receive: 

  • Song of the week - warmups and a new song to learn
  • Challenge of the week - a simple game or idea for your children to have a go at
  • Signposts - a guide to other resources you might enjoy!

So here we go with our last one of this term, Week 10...

Song of the Week - Suitable for the Whole Family
A true British Summer involves...rain? This week's song embraces the rain with a piece that gets you moving using body percussion and singing too! It is also an opportunity to get the whole family involved as there are 3 parts for you to learn and put together. KS1 try ‘Splish Splash’, KS2 sing ‘I don’t care’ and KS3 try that body percussion to keep everyone together. Click here to have a go, we would love to see your family efforts over the Summer, tag us on Facebook or Twitter at @sheffmusichub 

Challenge of the Week - Suitable for the Whole Family
This week we are using our ‘thinking voices’ and Charlotte asks you to replace some words with actions, or put them into your head. Can you do it? Click here to give it a try!


Concerteenies 24 Hour Soundtrack - Suitable for 0-5yrs 
Polly Ives and the Concerteenies team have devised and released their 24 Hour Soundtrack, from walking in the park to running races and lullabies, there is a video for everything. Click here to watch and subscribe now!  

Live Music Now - Suitable for all ages and Designed for SEND Inclusion 
This fabulous organisation has created videos that will keep you busy all summer! We are delighted to share their new Online Video Library for Schools with you. This is a set of inclusive, participatory concerts recently recorded by some of the young professional musicians that work with Live Music Now. The videos are inspired by their work in SEND settings and are designed to be inclusive for children with additional learning needs.     

Amelia Carr FREE Singing Sessions 
Amelia is an outstanding vocal teacher and is leading 2 separate projects at the moment. 

Free Singing for Music Theatre Kids - for anyone Y11 and below. Every day of the week there will be a session. Motivational Mondays, Tuesday Tips, Wishful Wednesdays, Theory Thursdays, open mic Fridays...what more could you need. To join click here. 

Free Singing for a Young People of Colour - this exciting project is launching soon! Click here to keep up to date with the new information as it arrives! 

Sheffield Music Hub - Activities for your Summer! 
We are currently putting together information from our partners on what is available to keep your children involved in music over the summer. Next Wednesday we will be releasing a PDF with ideas to help keep your children occupied. Like Sheffield Music Hub on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to make sure you don’t miss out. 

If you are one of our partner organisations and have something exciting to tell us about, please contact Laura Steelyard.

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