Samba for Sheffield - We Need Your Help!

Published on 25/09/2019

Sheffield Music Hub have launched their first ever crowd funding campaign, backed by Arts Council England and Spacehive – BUT – we need your help!

Please support us by making a small pledge if you can and by adopting our campaign for the duration of the campaign (up to Monday 2 December)

Sheffield Music Hub are committed to ensuring that every child and young person in the city has access to exceptional and inclusive musical experiences.

Samba is the perfect catch all that is both inclusive whilst being musically challenging and rewarding. Outcomes are quick and profound. It is active so promotes physical wellbeing as well as the much publicised benefits for mental wellbeing and community cohesion.

We urgently need new kit to develop our Youth Samba Band (described by some as Sheffield’s best kept secret) and they need to spread the word through a series of free in school workshops (which will be targeted at schools where young people need this support most).


Sheffield Music Hub are delighted to be crowdfunding to raise money to develop their Samba Band. The money will buy brand new cutting edge kit for the growing group. It will also pay for our expert team of Music Leaders to deliver workshops in schools to promote the band and develop it so we continue on our mission to reach children and young people in every corner of our city.

How does crowd funding work and how can you help?

Crowd funding is about encouraging a lot of people to pledge a small amount. We are aiming to raise just over £6000 by the start of December and if we can raise half that amount the Arts Council will pledge the rest!

But here is the key point. When someone pledges the money is not taken from their account UNLESS the full amount is raised, so it’s essential we meet our target.

So please can you do the following?

  • Add the attached picture as a footer to your email signatures
  • If you can, please pledge, as little as £2 is enough
  • Adopt this campaign across your organisation
  • Try and get at least five other people to pledge and ask them to ask five other people – and so it snowballs
  • Share on social media accounts, you can read more about the project by clicking here
  • Share your link to any other colleagues / organisations / friends who would like to support this great cause.

We can only achieve this with collective energy, please do your best to support this project!