New weekly music activities - Music at Home

Published on 06/05/2020

Get involved and enjoy music at home or in school

During times of difficulty we often turn to music in its many varied forms to help us through. Whether it's music to listen to which cheers us up and lifts our mood, music that makes us cry, music that makes us want to dance and sing, or just as a distraction from everything around us; now more than ever music has the power to help you and your child to soldier are some suggested activities to help! 

New activities will be released every Wednesday at 4pm on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Please like and follow our pages so you keep up to date and keep taking part.

Each week you will receive: 

  • Song of the week - warmups and a new song to learn
  • Challenge of the week - a simple game or idea for your children to have a go at
  • Signposts - a guide to other resources you might enjoy!

So here we go with Week 1 ...

Song of the Week
View our Music Leader, Pete Taylor, in our YouTube video. This includes a 7 step warm up that guarantees to get you ready to sing and a teaching section for the song  'I have a song to sing' from our partners at Out of the Ark.

To sing along with the full version of 'I have a Song to Sing' click here. 

Challenge of the Week - Mood Music
You will need some way of listening to music e.g. Spotify, YouTube, CD etc.
Click here to see Music Leader, Laura Steelyard, explain your challenge or download our PDF.

*Beat Goes On - Everyone wants to be one of those cool people who can use their bodies to make rhythms and you can learn how by using some really simple call and response techniques. Everyone in the house can do it! Click here for the first video.

*Music in the Round, Sheffield Chamber Music Festival at Home -  A flash forward to Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May - put it in your diaries! Our partners at Music in the Round are presenting their first FREE online May Festival.

Each day is filled with performances and talks and there are 2 amazing family events for you to take part in at home:

Concerteenies - Hosted by Polly Ives featuring Ensemble 360's violinist BENJAMIN NABARRO and cellist GEMMA ROSEFIELD - approx 25 minutes on Friday 15 May at 11am. 

Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom - A recording from last year's production of this amazing show with a live commentary and chat with Polly Ives will be shown on Saturday 16 May at 11am.

You can watch these events via the Music in the Round YouTube page here. 

Our updates aim to give you some really simple tasks that children of all ages can take part in! Please join in and let us know how you are getting on by tagging us on Facebook or Twitter

Our next newsletter email will be Wednesday 20 May. See our website, Facebook or Twitter for next weeks' activities!