Music Hub Update - Thursday 19th September

Published on 17/09/2020

We are currently still waiting for permission from the City Council Incident Management Team and Public Health in the City to return our teachers to schools.

We have a rigorous plan in place to minimise risk but at this time they have paused any further decisions regarding an increase in the number of external visitors into schools whilst they monitor the increasing infection rate in the city. An update on the current position can be seen by our director of Public Health here

As it stands we have another meeting on Tuesday afternoon next week (22nd September) to revisit our options.

Obviously this is very disappointing news for us all. 

The team are working very hard to plan for a digital offer for 1-1 lessons and already have a full digital offer in place for whole class instrumental and vocal provision. There are  additional challenges this term in relation to the digital delivery of 1-1 lessons as pupils on the whole are back in schools and there are, in most cases not enough hours left in the day to deliver all our provision digitally after school hours.

By the middle of next week we will have a clear picture of our position moving forward and we will then confirm our plans for the rest of this term.

Our ambition remains to resume some face to face teaching in line with the most recent Department for Education guidance that specifically states that visiting music teachers can visit schools again - however we must support the city wide effort to reduce the impact of the virus. Should we not be able to resume face to face teaching we will clarify our plans accordingly.

Thank you for your continued patience and support - we hope that your Young Musician is continuing to access the digital opportunities being made available by your Music Leader.

Ian Naylor (Head of Music Education Sheffield)