Music Hub Update October Half Term 2020

Published on 22/10/2020

Another crazy half term has drawn to a close and once again I find myself thanking you all for your patience and good will whilst we've navigated some serious challenges for our organisation.

Whilst things are far from perfect we have made some great progress developing our blended learning.  Early challenges gaining permission to return to some face to face teaching along with ongoing challenges for our schools finding safe spaces to help us deliver music lessons safely have certainly required some juggling.

As always the dedicated team of Music Leaders, Accredited teachers and our back office staff continue to work tirelessly (nearly always from home) to keep the show on the road.
And there are lots of things to celebrate - lots of creative and committed teaching and learning and some seriously resilient children and young people.

I remain convinced that the joy of learning to play a musical instrument or to sing has a profound impact on the wellbeing of children and young people and has a broad and holistic impact on their overall progress and attainment.

Never could I have imagined that in just half a year we would have transformed our organisation and be busily teaching whole classes of year 4's musicianship over their interactive whiteboards into their classroom with our teachers at home or running symphony orchestras over zoom - but we crack on!

Next half term:

As it stands we do not expect to see any change in our current position next half term - despite Sheffield now moving into Tier 3 Covid restrictions. Our work with schools will continue as it has done this half term with a blended online / in person approach.

Our team continue to take their responsibilities seriously and will as always work to ensure they are complying with all relevant risk assessments.

As we work our way through next half term we will continue to work with our schools to find safe ways of returning more of our teaching to face to face and we look forward to piloting the return of some of our music groups and twilight teaching to face to face.  We are also very excited to be launching our next multiplayer video project that will be hitting the city straight after the half term break!

We do of course remain at the whim of the ongoing pandemic and will adapt again as and when required.

For now, thank you for your continued support and I wish you all a restful half term break

Ian Naylor - Head of Music Education Sheffield