Music Hub Update - Friday 2nd October

Published on 02/10/2020

Dear Schools, Parents and Carers,

I’m pleased to inform you that we are now in a position to start making a steady return to some of our in-person teaching in schools, so thank you for bearing with us!

Our top priority remains the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff in schools and our own Music Leaders. Our return to schools is based on two key principles:

1. To reduce the chances of our team becoming a contact
2. To reduce and limit airborne and surface transmission of the virus

We have a significant number of mitigations in place to help us achieve this:

✓ Our Music Leaders are currently limiting their visits to one school or setting per day
✓ All lessons take place in a room that is well ventilated with air from outside.
✓ All lessons take place where a minimum of 2m social distancing can be achieved
with teacher and pupil side by side rather than face to face.
✓ We will leave a 5 minute gap between each lesson for cleaning of surfaces and
✓ Between every bubble we will leave a gap of 15 minutes to clean and ventilate the
✓ We have shared risk assessments with schools where teaching will be resuming and
all our Music Leaders will adhere to the specific guidance in each school.

We know that some schools are not yet in a position, often due to lack of suitable space, to support our return to teaching in person.

Therefore we cannot guarantee that every lesson will take place in person and many of our Music Leaders will not be able to visit all of their usual schools every week or at all at the moment. Where our Music Leader is not able to work in school they will endeavour to
continue with digital delivery.
If a child has to isolate and is away from school please do contact your Music Leader and
they will try to fit in a zoom lesson during the day – subject to our usual safeguarding steps being in place for a zoom lesson at home.

We expect to be working with this mixed economy of teaching - with some in person and
some online for the foreseeable future.

Each of our Music Leaders have a different workload and home life to balance so for every
pupil you may well see a slightly different offer and this may vary from week to week in
reaction to the ever changing landscape in individual schools and communities.

How can you help us?

o Each pupil must bring their own instrument, music and anything else they need to
make music in their lesson (the exceptions are drum kit / piano / keyboard –
enhanced cleaning will take place between lessons on these shared instruments).
Your Music Leader will also explain personally what you need to bring. WE CANNOT
o Pupils will need to wash their hands immediately before and after their lesson.
o Our Music Leaders will not touch instruments belonging to students – we recognise
that after such a long gap some may need the attention of a professional. Should
this be the case our Music Leader will wash their hands immediately before and after.
o Please make sure that pupils are reminded about their lesson time. Our teacher
cannot move around schools to collect pupils for their lessons.

Our team of Music Leaders are all working incredibly hard, many working into the evening
every day of the week to accommodate all of their pupils. They also continue to find
innovative and exciting ways to support musical learning with cutting edge digital content
and additional online learning sessions. Don’t forget that our young musicians are all
welcome to join one of our many music groups, all of which are happening online this term.

We are so looking forward to getting back to some face to face teaching.

We will continue to review progress and will keep in touch with any further developments.

We are not yet ready to return to face to face teaching for our Music Groups or twilight
lessons but are working hard to plan a phased return here too.

We thank you for your continued support, we are very proud of our young musicians – their music has kept us all smiling!

With all best wishes

Ian Naylor – Head of Music Education Sheffield.