Join the Sheffield Youth Brass Collective

Published on 07/11/2018

We are excited to offer the opportunity to join the Sheffield Youth Brass Collective! This project is open to all brass players (brass band and orchestral) of grade 3 level and above. We are joining forces with the brass bands across the city in partnership with Brass Bands England and the Sheffield Brass network to perform at the Music Hub Gala concert on Sunday 24 March at the Octagon Centre.

There are 2 rehearsals before the concert day on Sunday 20 January and Sunday 10 February at the Diamond Building, University of Sheffield, 2pm - 4pm.

In addition there will be a rehearsal on the day at the Octagon. In order for your child to gain the full benefit of this event we would ask that they aim to attend all rehearsals but please get in touch if this presents a problem.