Published on 14/05/2021

Hubfest MOMENTUM is a project aiming to empower 11-18 year old female and gender minority artists, and has been running since January 2021. We’ve had our first series of Masterclasses and our talented artists are well on their way with their mentoring sessions, all the while growing in confidence.

“I’m learning some techniques that I am going to use throughout my music career, and probably my life.” 

So far, our masterclasses have been focusing on Songwriting, Self-Esteem and Beatboxing. They have all included some fantastic conversations and active participation from all involved. After each masterclass everyone comes away with lots of new ideas and skills!

“It's nice to be trying new things, meeting new people and having something interesting going on during a time in which life can be rather monotonous. It's also a really nice distraction from the stress of school and exams.”

Through bespoke mentoring with  professional musicians, our Hubfest Momentum artists are gaining invaluable insights into working in the music industry and experience in a field they are passionate about. Because of the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mentoring sessions have been happening online, which has presented a new challenge for everyone involved, but has ultimately meant that mentors and artists have been able to work together more flexibly than ever before. 

“I am really enjoying Hubfest Momentum because I love talking and communicating with people that love music like me. I love having sessions with my mentor, as she helps me with anything that I'm struggling on or even just questions about the music industry. Also, I love the masterclasses because I'm trying new things that I never thought I would be able to do and I'm learning new stuff, which I'm definitely going to take with me on my music journey.” 

With a couple of months left of the project, we are already amazed at the progress of our artists so far. Through conversations with both the artists and mentors, we have been thrilled to hear the success stories and positive attitudes that have been cultivated throughout the process. Amy is just one of our artists who has come on leaps and bounds since the start of Hubfest MOMENTUM, and Polly Virr, Amy’s mentor, says 

“It's honestly been such a pleasure to work with Amy - she's ever so bright and keen, and she's really opened up over the course of our sessions. We spent the first couple of sessions working on confidence and setting short term goals to help with this and she has smashed through those! She's gone from not feeling able to even practise in her house for fear of someone hearing her, to performing her songs to family and friends (and to me over Zoom!).”

Keep an eye on our social media to keep up with what is happening over the next couple of months, including artists spotlights!