Have you seen our Musical Moments videos yet?

Published on 21/01/2021

Has your child seen one of our Musical Moments videos yet?

We are producing a series of music resources for primary schools to support with learning during this period. 

 For ALL primary schools 

  • Weekly “Musical Moments” videos – these 15 minute videos provide engaging, informative and educational musical content. They can be easily played on a school whiteboard and sent home.
  • Printable creative, musical Home Learning resources.

Every week your child should view one of our weekly 'Musical Moments' videos. These videos are below for you to use at home:

Musical Moments 2.0 - Episode 1, Pitch featuring Heather

Musical Moments 2.0 - Episode 2, Pulse & Rhythm featuring the Percussion Team

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 3 - Dynamics featuring the Woodwind Team

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 4 - Timbre featuring the Brass Team

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 5 - Canon featuring The String Team

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 6 - Rhythm: Triplets featuring The Percussion Team

Musical Moments Playlist (where all the weekly videos will be uploaded)

Let’s keep music and creativity alive in our schools and homes!