City Wide Music Survey - Prize Draw!!

Published on 15/03/2021

Sheffield Music Hub Conduct City Wide Music Survey With Young People at the Heart

Take the survey here

The Sheffield Music Hub are conducting an exciting music survey for all children and young people aged between 5 - 18 in Sheffield. The survey, which will be the biggest of its kind, aiming for 5,000 responses, asks young people about their musical interests including the music they listen to, the music they play and the music they create. Anyone who completes the survey will be in with the chance of winning either a pair of Beats headphones or a Bose Speaker!

The project is designed to put children and young people at the heart of their own music making. It is being led by two of the Music Hub’s trainee Music Leaders, Cathy and Amy.

Amy Bannister (20) and Cathy Bennett (21) are Music Education students at the University of Sheffield. They are currently doing a placement at Sheffield Music Hub, and have created the survey. Throughout the placement, Amy and Cathy have been researching Youth Voice, the idea that young people’s voices deserve to be heard and acted upon and this survey will be a great way to implement this into the organisation.

We believe that what the Music Hub is offering should reflect the interests of the young people of Sheffield, whatever their background. This is why we want to reach as diverse a group as possible. We also want to reach out to people who don’t take part in any Music Hub activity or music making at all, as we believe that music plays a part in the lives of everyone.

The rapidly evolving digital landscape means that  young people have a vast array of music at their fingertips and more than ever their musical tastes are amazingly diverse. We hope that this survey will reflect this. Musical interests change so quickly so I think we will notice that the popularity of different genres will have changed from when we were teenagers just a few years ago.

It will also be interesting to learn about the different types of music making that’s going on. So many people these days are learning an instrument with online tutorials and also creating music digitally in new and exciting ways and we want to know about it!

Our goal is to receive 5,000 responses and we need your help! If you live in Sheffield and are 18 or under (or know someone who is) please click here and you will be in with a chance of winning some exciting prizes as well as making sure your voice is heard!