Carer/Social Worker/School/Education setting representative applying on behalf of a CLA

Published on 01/10/2010

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We know that Children who are Looked After have a variety of interests and needs, and that music can be a powerful tool in exploring and expressing feelings. It is important that young people are in charge of their own musical futures and we are able to facilitate the best and most relevant musical opportunities for them, based on what they tell us.

Therefore before applying for lessons please take the time to speak to the young person in your care before submitting the form above. Some examples of questions you might ask:

  • What instrument are they interested in learning? (This can include voice)
  • What musical interests do they have?
  • Do they already have any playing/singing experience?
  • What music do they like listening to? What do they not like listening to?!

Don’t worry if they find it hard to answer some of these questions - any information you can provide will help. Whilst we cannot guarantee that every request will be matched perfectly right away, we are committed to hearing all young voices and being guided by young people on future provision available.

After completion of the form below a member of the Music Hub team will be in touch to discuss further.

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