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Published on 16/11/2020

Sheffield Music Hub are excited to announce the recruitment of 30 more superstar musicians to the Furthering Talent – Musical Stars programme.

Thanks to generous support from the Friends and Volunteers of Sheffield Music Hub who are able to fund the extra places, and to our friends at Awards for Young Musicians for providing us with additional funding and strategic support.

We know music has the power to change lives and that the Furthering Talent and Musical Stars programmes have a real impact on those who need it the most. Through funding for tuition on an instrument of their choice, exciting termly musical events and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), this personalised approach reaches to the heart of every young musician, unlocking unique potential and building communities of confident musicians who are in charge of their own musical futures.

Ian Naylor, Head of Music Education at Sheffield Music Hub said: “We know that music beats in every corner of our city - it is our job to listen and make sure every young musician is given the support they need to reach their full potential. We are really excited to provide these new opportunities to our young people.  This however, is only the beginning of our journey. There are still countless children and young people within our city going without the opportunities that others may take for granted. Too many young people are held back from exploring their full musical potential due to a lack of support, whilst others are denied the opportunity to ever get started.

Councillor Abtisam Mohamed, Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said: “This a great opportunity for young people in Sheffield to develop their talent and explore their full potential.

"Every child deserves the very best music education, regardless of parental income, race; gender; where they live; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities or are looked-after children.”

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