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Sheffield Music Hub will also create digital recorded media (including film, photos, audio) throughout the year to document special events, promote Music Hub activities, provide evidence for funders and funding applications, contribute to evaluations, inform parents/carers of a child’s activity when away from home on Music Hub trips, celebrate the diversity of members and musical genre and promote membership.

This media may be shared in the public domain over social media and our website.

These are legitimate interests pursued by the Music Hub and do not override the rights and freedoms of our members.

No action is required from parents/carers. However, you should read our privacy statement and understand your information rights.

Concerts and events:  It is expected that parents and carers will be able to take recorded media of their child in performance with other children at publicly advertised events for their personal and private use. We are mindful that some families may have personal reasons for protecting their child’s identity. If you have personal circumstances which would affect your child being recorded please note these below and someone from the team will contact you to discuss this further.

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